Dai ShiDai Shi in Animal form

Hello my name is Dai Shi Leader of the army we do not like Phae Shea aka Order of the Claw the killed me twice but I'm back to fight my brother Snow Leopard. Join now and defeat my brother.

Own by Wildwindstar.


  1. No warrior names.
  2. EVIL!!



Dai Shi gold tom with red eyes and black stripes. Spirt of a Dargon. Brother of Snow Leopard. Father of Jarrod and Birdy. Roleplay by Wildwindstar.



Ransih BeasetEdit

Najia black tom with green eyes and blue stripes. Spirt of Corbra. The last of Poison Five. Now friends with Dai Shi. Roleplay by Wildwindstar.

Camillie black she-cat with blue eyes. Spirt of a Challmeon and Phionax. WIfe of Jarrod. Came back cause Dai Shi called. Roleplay by Wildwindstar.

Grinder red tom with green eyes and yellow and orange stripes. Spirt of a Monkey. Roleplay by Wildwindstar.

Gernal Scorah gold tom with green eyes and black stripes. Spirt of a Dragon. Roleplay by Wildwindstar.

Cardan white tom with blue eyes and blue stripes. Spirt of the Crane. Roleplay by Wildwindstar.

Former MembersEdit

RPG centerEdit

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